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Posted on: 09 March 2011 at 12:00am

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Posted on: 30 April 2010 at 12:00am

Hi friends!

I'm doing a Hindi play with Kiran Karmarkar called 'Shaadi ki Home Delivery'. Its based on marriage comprising the stereotypical quarrelsome couple. They cannot solve their differences that keep re-surfacing and eventually separate. Its only after splitting they realize that the problem wasn't with them together as much as individualistic. Over time they comprehend that the issues were never there and nor were the arguments but only created by themselves.

In this play I play many roles as a Punjabi, Gujarati, Maharashtran etc. When I was approached for this skit, the different shades in each of these characters excited me and I felt them challenging so I instantly accepted it, mainly since it has multiple roles.

Kiran is God gifted and a very versatile actor, I would say with a great sense of humour. During all our rehearsals, he would come up with funny lines and keep making additions or editing our lines. He always made us laugh! It was a very good experience sharing the stage with him.

I have always been into theatre and drama from the very start and love it! It gives you a refreshing feeling before, during and after the performance. Its more live and there are no second chances unlike on camera. When filming a show or movie, everything is done in numerous re-takes and in bits and pieces. You have the opportunity of trial and error. But in theatre, whatever gestures or emotions you play or lines you deliver, are your first and last shot. And that is what makes it all the more exciting. The feeling you get when just entering on stage and getting into the character's skin, with a live audience out there focusing on you and only you, is very thrilling! It feels special to be their source of entertainment for those few hours Smile It gets in a lot more life into the plot of the drama.

Friends, I have an earnest request to all of you, to not leave back any negative feedback against each other on my blog. Please don't cause any arguments or debates and keep it a happy, healthy discussion at the most without any rudeness. Big smile We are here to share out thoughts and view points. Not to fuel fire or be impolite and offensive. 

So, don't fight! Big smile



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My hobbies


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Posted on: 22 April 2010 at 12:00am

Hi friends!

I have many hobbies one of which is watching movies! I'm a big movie buff and watch everything from Bollywood, Hollywood movies to regional ones'. Language has never really been a barrier and I enjoy all genres and storylines. That also includes films that might have not done very well at the box office. Infact its not-doing-so-well only makes me want to watch it all the more as I'm curious to know what it was criticized for and what its downfalls were. It makes you learn as well to not make the same mistakes in your own projects.

My other hobby is reading-I like reading books, although this is a recent hobby and not since childhood. I hardly even read the usual children's or teenagers' books like Mills and Boons. It was only during 'Kasauti..' where Taraana who played my on-screen daughter 'Vishakha', got me into it. She would often catch up on her reading during breaks between shoots and I started myself too by picking up whatever she was done with. Then onwards I have been into it and I'm glad it's a hobby now Smile

Reading has helped me in ways too many. Watching a performance in a skit or movie or any video, enables the character to convey their emotions and dialogues. The delivery there is good, with live action but through books, the reader is open to his or her imagination and the understanding of the story, the plot makes you go deeper into it! That is what I love about reading. It helps understand the story, performance, emotions, grip very well with the vivid and detailed descriptions.

One book that really got me captivated is 'The Alchemist'. And somehow in my everyday life, I've been reminded of its brief teachings. It amazes me how one book can have such an impact on your life! I have been able to relate my life to 'The Alchemist' in several ways. Books help you reflect on yourself, on others and your life better. Certain difficulties and loopholes that you were not able to solve earlier, are resolved soon after reading books which are insightful. They help you adopt the right approach towards life and its hurdles. 'Veronica Decides To Die' and 'Two States' are some of the books I really liked. I am a big fan of fiction books and have read back to back books of Sydney Sheldon and Daniel Steel.

Fortunately even Palak has grown accustomed to reading. She reads many Akbar and Birbal books, including bed time stories and the Hanna Montana books that she often reads to herself before falling asleep. She enjoys reading the children's section in newspapers too and I'm glad I did not have to force her into this habit. She has developed it herself and its great she is reading at this age so that once she is older, she will have enough and more knowledge than her mother Smile



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Madhuri Dixit, my all-time favorite!


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Posted on: 14 April 2010 at 12:00am

Hi friends,

I am just like one of you who loves breathing, drinking and dreaming about stars and their charismatic persona! One of my favorites and I'm more than sure many of yours too, is the sensational and poised Madhuri Dixit!

The very mention of her name gets your minds racing with her dance numbers and graceful performances, not to forget that high voltage smile! Smile From her 'Ek Do Teen' to 'Mera Piya Ghar Aaya' jumpy numbers, I have tried to copy her every step and bend to duplicate that effortless polish of hers but like the world knows-Madhuri Dixit is the one and only in our film industry. The charm and beauty she exudes is inexplicable and even a thousand words wouldn't do justice to her.

During my school and college days, my family would find me glued to the television when she would be on-screen. I would try to my best to dance half as brilliantly as her, get CDs of her latest movies not missing any (last being 'Aaja Nach Le'), imitate her style of dressing and hair and basically do everything a star fanatic does. She was and continues to be my idol and I don't aspire to be her but she does inspire me to be that lovely, refined Indian woman she is. I have a collection of files with over a thousand postcards and pictures of Madhuri Dixit collected through my school days!

I was lucky enough to bump into her once a long time ago at a clinic but very obviously it was a very limited, formal and courteous exchange of greetings. Yes, I did feel that rage of excitement and scream out loud on seeing my idol in front of me, in person, just centimeters distant from me! I can be fan crazy too Wink

There have been a few instances when during shoots or dance sequences and performances, I have been complimented to remind people of Madhuri Dixit. And that makes my day Big smile

So who are your idols and favorites??



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Rest of the answers!


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Posted on: 25 January 2010 at 12:00am

Hey guys,

Lets continue the Questions and Answers!

Hope I've been able to answer most of them... 

faranzafar Shweta wat iz da best thing dat u like in urself? Nd wat iz da worst thing dat u dont like abt urself?

Shweta - The best quality I like about myself is, that I'm frank and honest because of which nothing can bother me. The worst quality of mine will have to be my legendary failure at being punctual! Be it my own marriage or movie shows, I'm always late! Tongue
Neha_luvPRB-MAATE...why do I love u???

Shweta - LOL You love me because I love you you too darling!
mariaam -saw ur serial DOST on ary digital... so how was ur experience working with pakistani actors??

Shweta - My experience was wonderful. Pakistanis respect Indians a lot and its pretty much mutual, unlike how its made to sound!
urooj naqvihey Shweta di are u on facebook ?

Shweta - No. I want to make this very clear to all my fans that I'm NOT on Facebook. The accounts that have been opened on my name are all fake and certainly not by me so please don't get fooled.

faranzafar- Shweta i really want dat u do a negative role in a serial like komolika..
Agr apko koi aisay role ki offer aye to kya aap krogi.?????

Shweta - Thank you and I too would want to take up a negative role. I've actually done the role of a 'nagin' before so such roles are welcome. I find them challenging and interesting.
madhy- wen r we going to see u in bollywood?????/

Shweta - Big smile I'm waiting to join Bollywood!

leez199Firstly, what do you to maintain your hair's thickness, considering you are exposed to pollution and sunlight it still looks great. Please advise. Take Care Leena

Shweta - Hi Leena. Thank you for the compliment. I don't do anything extra ordinary to my hair, except the old Grandma's secret of oiling my hair everytime before a hair wash. It nourishes your hair and retains its lust and softness.

rrst4eva-how many hrs a day u sleep.

Shweta - When I'm short on time, I either sleep 1-2 hours or none at all! But the few times that I do have time, I'm the Sleeping Beauty and only sleep! zZzZzZz..

bbyfarz -i want to ask did it feel weird doing the scene where u and ronit had to sleep togther for the first time ever on his birthday SHWETA-No not at all. We are actors. We know its our job and profession to act whatever we are required to, as per the script. So no, there was no uneasiness.

AD_UDkaFAN what did you like the most... acting, dancing, judging, or hosting? what do you like to do in your free time?

Shweta - I like them all because Im very passionate about any form of performing, be it dancing, acting, hosting or even judging. I eat, sleep, breathe my work! Smile
In my free time I catch up on some movies or play with my daughter. Nothing over the top but just simple At times I even like to read
harsimran95 there are so many rumours about you,
how do you deal with them considering you have such a yound daughter and some of them being really absurd like affairs, break ups, divorce, tantrums

Shweta - To be honest I don't care. The media write stories that are read today, forgotten tomorrow. And everyone knows that everything you read cannot be believed. As long as my family and loved ones know what the real and actual story is, I'm least bothered by baseless rumours.

faranzafar-How many episodes u hav watched of kasauti wen u got time? i know u r an actress nd dont hav time bt still how many episodez if u remember..

Shweta - Well not many episodes but of the 7 years that we all managed to keep the show going, I would come back home and watch the episodes I personally liked, off YouTube or download them.

aquariun26 -aap bigg boss season 4 mainana chahen gi?

Shweta - Big smile I cannot live caged up for so long so have no intentions on being monitored and entering Big Bosses house!

Shweta - It was fun working with them and were good students. They always listened to whatever I said so I enjoyed working with them.

tvdekhunga -As you got married really early,did u finish your study?
If you did not then what would you suggest the young girls out there who out of family pressure or some other reasons get married early and donot complete their study?

Shweta - Yes I did finish my studies. I'm a graduate. Education is a must and very, very important. It can be continued even after marriage but dont ever give it up or drop out. Its an essential in life. It helps build your confidence and talk to people, deal with situations. Mannersisms come only with education so please complete whatever you are pursuing or wanting to. Goodluck! Smile

luvkasu hey shweta,
who is ur fav telly jodi? apart from urs offcourse..
Shweta - I don't get the time to watch the new shows so cannot quite comment on the jodis you have listed, but I have watched 'Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki' and used to like Om & Parvathis pair a lot

kasucrazy how was ur working equation with HITEN TEJWANI, MANOJ BHORA and KARAN SINGH GROVER???
n yeah u have worked quite often with hussain too??
is he ur good friend???

Shweta - My work equation with each of them - Hiten, Hussain and Karan has been quite pleasant. Each of them are fine actors and I wish them all the best.

faranzafar- Hey shweta do u hav a facebuk account? coz i've seen ur many accounts on facebuk.. if u hav facebuk account den which1 is urz?

Shweta No I'm not on Facebook and whichever accounts you all have come across on my name, theyre all fake. Although there is one account which is very well maintained and I'm thankful to whoever the real person is. He or she makes it a point to wish all my friends on their friend list on special occasions like Diwali and Holi. Even my pictures have been uploaded but I don't know how this person gets access to them, including my recent ones Tongue



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